Machine paint polishing

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Paint restoration - the most impressive process in car detailing. Your paintwork can shine again! The car will regain the perfect condition of the body and the paint will regain the depth of colour.

Professional paint machine polishing is about restoring the salon look of your car body. Thanks to new technologies and branded cosmetics, your car will be delighted again. Precise polishing of the paint will remove the scratches created during the use and washing of the car, will restore the exceptional depth of colour and perfect smoothness of the car body. Perfectly refreshed paint is protected by a durable ceramic coating or an exceptional class of wax. Such a layer will effectively protect the paint by preserving its surface.

We are really effective, we often undertake the impossible. We have years of experience, knowledge of various technologies of detailing art behind us - all this allows us to consistently achieve our goal: luxurious car care at the highest level. Your car in our hands will regain the factory glory of the car body. We will remove any scratches, blemishes, tarnishes, car wash marks.
We perform polishing in several stages - everything depends on the degree of damage to the paint.
Renovation of the paint - discover the depth of colour and give the body a shine!