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We are professionals who are wholeheartedly committed to every detail of the car. The key to understanding our work is three words:


Welcome to Shine Factory Car Care Centre based in London. This place was created out of a great passion for motoring. We are a Opti-Coat Pro+ Certified Centre, we are the only Authorised Detailing Studio in the EU using the best Opti Coat Pro+ ceramic coatings. These coatings undergo stringent TUV testing, and the manufacturer is a leading representative of car care products and high-tech protective coatings.

We are very proud of our knowledge, which is confirmed by the certificates of the world's largest companies and manufacturers of automotive chemistry and ceramic protection products. Our Studio is recommended by the best detailing magazines in UK. Shine Factory is simply a professional Detailing Studio, where your car will regain its former glory and look like straight from the living room. Our certificates:


We specialise in the restoration of paint polishing and protection with OPTI-COAT PRO+ ceramic coating. Thanks to this coating the car is effectively protected against scratches, UV radiation and hard chemicals that destroy the paint.

Many years of experience and testing allows us to choose only proven cosmetics and coatings that effectively protect the paint and interior of the car. We use branded specialist products of world-class companies. We believe that this is the only way to offer high quality services.

We take an individual approach to each car, we select appropriate cosmetics and services depending on its condition. We care about the effect, because we want your car to shine like new - inside and outside. We offer specialized services of rim regeneration, engine cleaning and brake caliper painting. We use XPEL or 3M films to dim the windows. Thanks to this, the interior of your vehicle is effectively protected against UV rays.

Our team consists of high-class specialists who take part in training courses all over the world. We are also recommended by 3M and Nanolex as Approved Detailer. For us, every car is a different story and a different challenge. We are distinguished by luxurious car care at the highest level. We are professionals, for us the most important in autodetailing is the attention to detail and precision. We are able to renovate every car, restore its original appearance and surprise the owner - this is our job.


Thanks to our great knowledge and experience we are able to offer services at the highest level:

Window Tinting, Machine Paint Polishing 1-2-3 stage, Ceramic Paint Protection, New Car Protection, PPF Paint Protection Film, Car Detailing Valeting, Leather Cleaning/Restoration/Protection, PDR Paint Dent Removal, Alloy refurbish/calipers painting, A/C Service-all gases, Ozone Treatment.